Mount Philo

This is the view of Mount Philo. We went to hike the mountain for a field trip. My friend took this picture and I love it. It was really fun at the top. We ran around, we took pictures and we played with soccer balls. It was an hour hike. There was this really big rock that my friends and I took on the way up. It was a really big mountain.

How To Make A Quality Comment

Compliment the writer by saying something nice. Make sure to be specific don’t be like “This is a great post” Be like I love your avatar because it’s specific and you wrote a lot about it”. Also make a connection and make sure to be specific about the connection. Also remember never to CRITICIZE them even if they don’t have punctuation. Finally remember to proofread your comment.


About My Avatar

This avatar represents me because I have Red hair. I’m also holding a soccer ball because I LOVE soccer. I am wearing a white t-shirt because I have lots of white t-shirts. My eyes in this picture are dark hazel because I have hazel eyes. I really like my avatar because it represents me.